I sent a package of gold to SGUK or scrap gold uk on 9th October 2009. They made me pay £4.95 to post it special delivery and unlike most never sent me an envelope pre-paid.

The royal mail track and trace website showed my package as signed for on 9th October. No cheque arrived so I rang them. They said that they never received my package.

One of three things has happened:
1. they signed for the packet and then stole my gold without paying me.
2. the postman stole it.
3. the postman delivered it to the wrong building and someone else stole it.

So, either sguk are a dodgy company or the post service cannot be relied upon to securely deliver valuable items. The royal mail has checked my claim and states that the packet was correctly delivered and signed for so wont pay the claim. sguk say they didn’t get the packet. I am out of pocket £410 and nobody wants to take responsibility.

BEWARE the special delivery is not the cast iron guarantee you think it is and if the post office can show you any old mickey mouse signature then that’s it! Surely all the postman needs to do is steal the packet and scribble ronald regan on the slip and he takes home an extra weeks wages!!!

The whole thing stinks, you are relying on the honesty of not only the person delivering but the company receiving the package as well.

David Hewitt
totally pissed off of southend on sea!

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