The Dow vs. Gold – A technical reading of the Dow Jones vs. Gold Prices as “Sell in May”

A technical reading of the Dow Jones vs. Gold Prices as “Sell in May” applies again…

USING THE nom de plume “Traderrog”, Roger Wiegand writes the popular Trader Tracks newsletter, giving investors short-term buy-and-sell recommendations and insights into the political and economic factors that drive major markets.

For more than 17 years, Roger has devoted intensive research time to the precious metals, currency, energy and financial markets. Now the ‘Sell in May’ situation could arrive right on time this year, Roger Wiegand tells the Gold Report in this interview, anticipating the next larger, extended rally in gold this fall.

The Gold Report: Roger, last week in your newsletter you talked about seeing two “flying wedges” in the Dow in … read more ->

How to Read the Gold Price Today – A short technical and fundamental analysis

A short technical and fundamental analysis of the Gold Price today…

IT IS ALWAYS too easy to ask “Can I buy at the bottom and sell at the top?” notes Julian Phillips of the Gold Forecaster.

But life doesn’t let too many of us achieve such perfection. Some investors believe that once you have the technical picture giving the top and the bottom that will do the trick, but – alas – many technical analysts will come up with different prices for tops and bottoms in any market.

So how does a professional approach the question? He looks from all sides, but particularly studies the fundamentals, which dominate the future price direction. Then he uses the technical picture to … read more ->