Advantages to Buying Physical Gold Instead of ETFs

There is a lot of uncertainty in the world right now. The US has a new president that nobody can predict. Britain is leaving Europe. Le Pen, who has vowed to do the same with France, looks almost certain to make it to the presidential run-offs. And North Korea – called by Trump the US’s greatest foreign threat – is testing missiles and murdering family of Kim Jung-un on foreign soil.

With this much insecurity about it is only natural to want some kind of financial safety. Gold has long been that safe haven. Even better, when the world is less secure, the price of gold often rises. That’s exactly what’s been happening. From the New Year till the end … read more ->

Why Own Gold? – 6 Reasons Why Investors Own Gold

There are six primary reasons why investors own gold:

  1.  As a hedge against inflation.
  2.  As a hedge against a declining dollar.
  3.  As a safe haven in times of geopolitical and financial market instability.
  4.  As a commodity, based on gold’s supply and demand fundamentals.
  5.  As a store of value.
  6.  As a portfolio diversifier.

Gold is a monetary metal whose price is determined by inflation, by fluctuations in the dollar and U.S. stocks, by currency-related crises, interest rate volatility and international tensions, and by increases or decreases in the prices of other commodities. The price of gold reacts to supply and demand changes and can be influenced by consumer spending and overall levels of affluence.

Gold is different from other precious metals … read more ->

Gold Investment Demand – What’s driving Gold Investment demand today?

BACK IN 2001, writes Byron King for the Rude Awakening, gold traded as low as $250 per ounce.

Then, over time, gold rose slowly, but steadily, as investment demand rose, reaching just over $1,000 per ounce early in 2008. Gold pulled back and hovered in the range of $800-900 for much of 2008 and then climbed back up to the $1,000 mark again in February 2009.

Despite a pullback in March, it looks like gold wants to break the $1,000 mark again…and stay there. Indeed, the Gold Price may see $2,000…even $3,000 I believe…in the next two years.

But before we get to that, let’s explore a few of the driving forces behind Gold Investment and its once and future … read more ->