Sellyourgold is a scam

I sent my jewelry and gemstones to sellyourgold. This included 5 14k gold rings, and 5 loose diamonds. 2 of the rings also had diamonds. I got an offer for 217.00, I told them no deal. So they came with another bid for 417.00, I still refused, then I was offered 617.00. I told them just to send my jewelry back. When I received my package back, one ring that was very old and rare, had the 14k scratched out, and they took the diamond. This was a 14k white gold. I took the ring to 2 different jewelers, and the both confirmed that the 14k had been scratched out, because you could still see the k as in 14k. … read more ->

Poor customer service; did not pay me for the gold I sent.

I sent them an inexpensive gold watch, they made me an offer, I accepted it, and then they never paid me for it. I emailed customer service, but they did not respond.… read more ->


I sent two 10K diamond rings and one 14K diamond/tourmaline ring and was offered $57. When I called to decline the offer and ask that my items be returned the agent put me on hold to speak with an appraiser that conveniently happened to be walking by at the time I called. When the agent returned he offered to increase the offer to $148. I requested my items be returned immediately. I paid over $1,000 for these three items and I would rather have them sit in my jewelry box before giving them away to these people! The only positive comment I have is that my items were promptly returned.… read more -> swapped out my diamond for a smaller one”

I had 2 jewelers price my diamond at around 1,000 dollars. I had it on a white gold ring. My diamond had its own certificate with all the specs, which I also sent with the ring. I spoke to a guy named ‘Ryan’ over the phone and he offered only 30 dollars for my ring, diamond included. He said the diamond was a lot smaller than my certificate said it was. In fact he said he didn’t know anything about a certificate. Of course I said ‘no thankyou’ and ‘send it back please.’ When they sent it back, the diamond looked smaller and is crooked in the ring like it doesn’t fit right in it anymore. There are also dents read more ->


I have a friend that saw an ad on tv for cash for gold she contacted them and they send her an envelope with in 2 days. She send it back the next day with $300.00 worth of gold. It has now been 2 months they say that they have not yet recieved it and that she should just keep calling back. she is now terrified that she will be out her jewerly, and the money she desperatley needed to feed her kids. If anyone is thinking about using these scams please don’t. p.s. dateline should do a show on it unless they already have and i and her missed it.… read more ->

Beware Cash4Gold and other gold-buying ripoffs

I don’t watch much broadcast TV, and when I do I skip as many commercials as possible, but even I have seen the incessant televised advertisements for a company called Cash4Gold, and I’m sure most of you have, too (they even had a Super Bowl ad). The company is being heavily promoted online as well.

The sell sounds great on the surface: You pack up all your old jewelry that you’ll never wear again into an envelope and send it, insured, to Cash4Gold. They melt it down and cut you a check for the value of the gold. End of process. It sounds better than going to a pawn shop — the process is simple and requires no personal interaction … read more ->

Cash4Gold Guaranteed return of gold if I wasn’t satisfied and returned check within 10 days, then said I didn’t return it in time.

Rip-off Report Investigation:

Editor’s UPDATE: Positive Rating and Recognition has been given to Cash4Gold and Albar Precious Metal Refining for its Commitment to Excellence in customer service.

Our findings were that normally complaints were due to the perceived value of the jewelry rather than the actual value according to the market at the time. The complaints that have been filed are not removable due to Rip-off Report policy. Rip-off Report was able to determine that Cash4Gold has made concentrated efforts in order to communicate clearly with its customers as well as resolving any customer satisfaction issues promptly. Selling gold online is a convenience that includes risk. The Rip-off report is confident with Cash4Gold’s guarantee. If you are not satisfied with … read more ->