I sent two 10K diamond rings and one 14K diamond/tourmaline ring and was offered $57. When I called to decline the offer and ask that my items be returned the agent put me on hold to speak with an appraiser that conveniently happened to be walking by at the time I called. When the agent returned he offered to increase the offer to $148. I requested my items be returned immediately. I paid over $1,000 for these three items and I would rather have them sit in my jewelry box before giving them away to these people! The only positive comment I have is that my items were promptly returned.… read more -> swapped out my diamond for a smaller one”

I had 2 jewelers price my diamond at around 1,000 dollars. I had it on a white gold ring. My diamond had its own certificate with all the specs, which I also sent with the ring. I spoke to a guy named ‘Ryan’ over the phone and he offered only 30 dollars for my ring, diamond included. He said the diamond was a lot smaller than my certificate said it was. In fact he said he didn’t know anything about a certificate. Of course I said ‘no thankyou’ and ‘send it back please.’ When they sent it back, the diamond looked smaller and is crooked in the ring like it doesn’t fit right in it anymore. There are also dents read more ->

Cash received

I sent my Jewelry into Cash4Gold including a 14 Karat Gold ring with a quarter diamond, a 14 Karat Gold Chain and Cross, a 14 Karat Bracelet. I weighed my jewelry up before I sent it in and it came to 1.8 ozs. I received $98.00 dollars from them. By the time I received the check it was too late to get my jewelry back. It’s really a shame in these economic times that a company would bluntly rip people off. I wish I would have seen the CBS 2 Chicago News special report before I had sent my gold in to these people. How can celebrities promote these people. Please put a stop to them.… read more ->

Rip Off

I sent six 14 k gold rings with diamonds, a 14 k gold necklace, a 14 k gold bracelet and some misc silver and gold. Cash 4 gold down graded all of my gold to 12 k when it was all clearly stamped 14 k. I sent cash 4 gold five 1/4 karat Diamonds they gave me $1.20 a dollar twenty. In all truth what I sent in to cash 4 gold was worth around $4, 000.00 Four thousand dollars and they sent me in return $82.76 yeah eighty-two dollars. I would advise anyone who is thinking about sending any jewelry in to cash 4 gold to not do so. Cash 4 gold is the biggest rip off. I called … read more ->