Cash for Gold Scam – Are Gold Parties Really Just a Cash for Gold Scam?

By Frank K.

Cash for Gold Scam – Are Gold Parties Really Just a Cash for Gold Scam?

Gold selling parties are getting more popular every day. Are these parties really a good place to sell your gold or are they cash for gold scams that you should definitely avoid?
 A cash for gold scam happens when a consumer is taken for a ride by a non-legitimate or fraudulent gold buying business. Even though the majority of businesses are reputable, there are those that can be the source of a cash for gold scam.

Cash For Gold Scam

A scam can come in many different forms. The most obvious would be from an overnight business that has set up shop … read more ->

Cash for Gold Scam – The Best Way to Avoid the Cash for Gold Scam

Some businesses that buy gold online will claim that they never received the gold that you sent to them. Gold buyers that receive large amounts of complaints about this are just a cash for gold scam.

Be careful of companies that do not have a physical address. A cash for gold scam can be one that is handled online without any physical addresses for the business that is handling it. In many cases a phone number may not even be available. You should go with your gut instinct, if the company seems shady it probably is. There are plenty of reputable groups that pay good rates for you gold.

The Best Place To Sell Gold?

Another sign that a gold …