Tracy of Lytle, TX January 27, 2009

I sent in my package to cash4gold over 2 weeks ago, i have checked the website with the tracking number and it keeps saying in transit. I have also called and was told the 1st time it takes 7 to 10 business days, I called again after reading all the complaints, which I regret not looking it up first before I sent in all my gold jewelry, and again I was told they have not recieved it, i told the rep that i want all my jewelry back not to even process it, after reading the complaints, he said ok I’ll note your account, and i asked is that all you can do, … read more ->

Cash4Gold Complaints – scammed! Again!

Company information:
United States

I just lost me a parcel to Princess Narobi in one of them ghananese check cashing scams and I wanted to try and git my money back so I sent in all them useless gold watches my grandaddy lef me and my gold teeth that done falled out and also my mommas weddin ring and Uncle Arlins rodeo buckle which was cuvured in 10k gold. I sent this here cash4gold the baggie with gold in it and I waited for a rally long time and all I got was 6.32$ in a chek that the bank sayz they cant cash. I been screwed so long I can see backwerds walking forwerds. I think the … read more ->


Lisa of Versailles, KY December 17, 2008

This is the biggest rip-off. Every time I see the commercial on tv I get sick at my stomach, especially when the woman says I sent my jewelry and took a trip of a life time. I sent at least 20 items to them and didn’t even get a measly $100. My sister had 2 rings just like 2 I had in my jewelry that was sent to cash 4 gold, she took hers to someone local and received $110 for the 2. She received more for her 2 rings than I did for over 20 items.

I was furious, but by the time I learned I had been had it was too … read more ->

Ridiculous Amount offered for my goods

Cash 4 Gold received my packet…full of gold rings, and sterling silver items (which they stated they take) and they offered me $0.56 cents for my items! They’ve got to be joking. I just asked them to return my stuff and to keep their lousy money. I didn’t know they were a scam until after I sent my items and read some articles on the company and their business practices, now I understand what is going on.… read more ->

Cash4Gold Complaints – Delay and Rip Off

Company information:
United States

I had a great deal of scrap gold jewelry to sell, and I chose because they advertise the highest prices paid. I shipped them over 20 oz of gold jewelry via overnight mail. There were a lot of stones in the jewelry but I estimate that there must have been at least 8-10 oz of gold.

This company advertises 24 hour turnaround on processing jewelry. They also have a “fast cash” option that allows them to wire the money directly into your bank account within another 24 hours – with the caveat that you lose the right to cancel the transaction within 10 days. I chose this option and based on their advertisement … read more ->

Cash4Gold Guaranteed return of gold if I wasn’t satisfied and returned check within 10 days, then said I didn’t return it in time.

Rip-off Report Investigation:

Editor’s UPDATE: Positive Rating and Recognition has been given to Cash4Gold and Albar Precious Metal Refining for its Commitment to Excellence in customer service.

Our findings were that normally complaints were due to the perceived value of the jewelry rather than the actual value according to the market at the time. The complaints that have been filed are not removable due to Rip-off Report policy. Rip-off Report was able to determine that Cash4Gold has made concentrated efforts in order to communicate clearly with its customers as well as resolving any customer satisfaction issues promptly. Selling gold online is a convenience that includes risk. The Rip-off report is confident with Cash4Gold’s guarantee. If you are not satisfied with … read more ->