Sellyourgold is a scam

I sent my jewelry and gemstones to sellyourgold. This included 5 14k gold rings, and 5 loose diamonds. 2 of the rings also had diamonds. I got an offer for 217.00, I told them no deal. So they came with another bid for 417.00, I still refused, then I was offered 617.00. I told them just to send my jewelry back. When I received my package back, one ring that was very old and rare, had the 14k scratched out, and they took the diamond. This was a 14k white gold. I took the ring to 2 different jewelers, and the both confirmed that the 14k had been scratched out, because you could still see the k as in 14k. They told me my jewelry was sent back to me on the 4th. When I didn’t receive them, I went on their website, and noticed that they had lied about sending them back, and now they had a date of the 9th. They had 5 more days to do what they wanted with my jewelry. I have copies of the two different dates from their website. I called them immediately, and of course they denied everything, and told me that it was against the law to scratch anything off of a ring. They should practice what they preach. I have lost alot of money on this deal, and I know will not get any resolution. But what about the little old ladies who don’t know what they have. I am sure that this has happened before, and will continue until they are questioned on a lie detector. These people steal from people everyday with their fake deals, $217.00 to $617.00. What if I took the $217.00, I would be out $400.00

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