SellYourGold does not pay what they say they do. And they try not to send items back

I tried to sell my gold to, and after weeks of back and forth I finally have my items back but I am furious. Dealing with this company is a nightmare, and everyone should know not to deal with them.

I decided to sell old pieces of gold I didn’t want anymore because gold prices are high and they had a video from the Today Show showing that they were paying 90% for gold. I don’t know if they were working together or what, but I can tell you they don’t even pay close to 90%. It was more like 20%. So the “consumer reports” segment from the TV show is being used to actually scam people into sending their gold and not getting a good price. I guess I should not be surprised.

Anyways, I ordered my pack and sent my gold in. Easy. And that’s where things went bad.

First, they just send you a payment. Nothing about what the gold was… no list of items you sent, no purity, no weight… just “here’s some money”. AND THEY DON’T EVEN HAVE THAT LIST FOR YOU. They didn’t know what they were paying me for each item, but I had it down locally by a professional and the TOTAL was a fraction of what they said they were going to pay. This is an outright SCAM that seems to be backed by the media.

And, I couldn’t just have it sent back with their online chat. It’s useless. You have to call, and then they argue with you about the price. I JUST WANTED MY GOLD BACK. And I got it, but it took multiple phone calls and them trying to continue to screw me over the price, never getting close to what they advertise offering. It’s just insane. Someone needs to do something about these people.

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