swapped out my diamond for a smaller one”

I had 2 jewelers price my diamond at around 1,000 dollars. I had it on a white gold ring. My diamond had its own certificate with all the specs, which I also sent with the ring. I spoke to a guy named ‘Ryan’ over the phone and he offered only 30 dollars for my ring, diamond included. He said the diamond was a lot smaller than my certificate said it was. In fact he said he didn’t know anything about a certificate. Of course I said ‘no thankyou’ and ‘send it back please.’ When they sent it back, the diamond looked smaller and is crooked in the ring like it doesn’t fit right in it anymore. There are also dents on my ring like they did a sloppy job of mounting the diamond back in. I don’t know what to do. Please don’t send your gold to these guys they will low ball you and swap out your stones!! :'(

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