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I am a small trader, on 15/09/09 the gold I had, using the value quoted on cashforyo0urgold’s website I was looking to receive £5106. I took it to their office, I was greeted by a friendly chap, they try to act like your best friend, offering cigarettes etc while I was waiting… After a short while, the gold had been evaluated, and I was quoted £4630… I was shocked and asked for my gold back, the chap says he will speak to his boss and see if they can do anything… he came back some 10 minutes later and increased the valuation to £4800, I was still out of pocket and demanded my money back… the chap said no worries, they do normally charge for a valuation, but they will waive it today… the chap from aka came back and said the boss said they had to offer £4900, and that if I didn’t take the offer they would charge £53 for the valuation… I was furious, I was backed into a corner and was left with no option but to take the offer, I had spent too much on petrol driving to their office I would have lost even more if I had to go to another gold buying service provider etc…

When I got home, furious, I decided to read through the small print on their website, I learnt that the max they would charge for a valuation is £30, they charged me £50… I called them up and made my complaint, only to be shrugged off saying “you got me there” said Walter, who is one of the buyers… He then called me back after 3 days to say he would refund £20 that they had conned out of me… I said I was furious, besides conning people, they aren’t paying the stated rates on their site…

Please take my warnings into account before sending your gold to them… these scamming firms need to learn that they cant manipulate people… it is just wrong and immoral.

I have dealt with lost-jewellery a few times, they are very honest, especially Lee who seems very friendly and helpful…

Thanks for looking!

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