Lisa of Versailles, KY December 17, 2008

This is the biggest rip-off. Every time I see the commercial on tv I get sick at my stomach, especially when the woman says I sent my jewelry and took a trip of a life time. I sent at least 20 items to them and didn’t even get a measly $100. My sister had 2 rings just like 2 I had in my jewelry that was sent to cash 4 gold, she took hers to someone local and received $110 for the 2. She received more for her 2 rings than I did for over 20 items.

I was furious, but by the time I learned I had been had it was too … read more ->

Ridiculous Amount offered for my goods

Cash 4 Gold received my packet…full of gold rings, and sterling silver items (which they stated they take) and they offered me $0.56 cents for my items! They’ve got to be joking. I just asked them to return my stuff and to keep their lousy money. I didn’t know they were a scam until after I sent my items and read some articles on the company and their business practices, now I understand what is going on.… read more ->

Cash4Gold Complaints – Delay and Rip Off

Company information:
United States

I had a great deal of scrap gold jewelry to sell, and I chose because they advertise the highest prices paid. I shipped them over 20 oz of gold jewelry via overnight mail. There were a lot of stones in the jewelry but I estimate that there must have been at least 8-10 oz of gold.

This company advertises 24 hour turnaround on processing jewelry. They also have a “fast cash” option that allows them to wire the money directly into your bank account within another 24 hours – with the caveat that you lose the right to cancel the transaction within 10 days. I chose this option and based on their advertisement … read more ->