Deb of Hopkinton, RI March 16, 2009

I weighed and insured my package before shipping. Items included one 24 kt gold 1 gram ingot (they called it a ‘charm’) as well as several 18 kt pieces and one 21 kt bracelet. Items weighed in at 7.5 oz.

I got a check in the mail 3 weeks later for less than $120. When I phoned to say ‘send my items back; they’re worth more than that to me’, the receptionist asked, how much were you expecting to get? ‘A lot more than that’. She asked me to wait a moment, then came back on the line and told me that she wasn’t surprised I expected more based on the weight of … read more ->

Rip Off

I sent six 14 k gold rings with diamonds, a 14 k gold necklace, a 14 k gold bracelet and some misc silver and gold. Cash 4 gold down graded all of my gold to 12 k when it was all clearly stamped 14 k. I sent cash 4 gold five 1/4 karat Diamonds they gave me $1.20 a dollar twenty. In all truth what I sent in to cash 4 gold was worth around $4, 000.00 Four thousand dollars and they sent me in return $82.76 yeah eighty-two dollars. I would advise anyone who is thinking about sending any jewelry in to cash 4 gold to not do so. Cash 4 gold is the biggest rip off. I called … read more ->

Cash4Gold Complaints – Do NOT use FAST CASH Option

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United States

Do NOT use FAST CASH Option

DO NOT GO FOR “FAST CASH” OPTION. My wife and I recently sent 2 wedding rings with 3 diamonds each. We had purchased the rings in Mayors, 18K gold, good quality diamonds. We went to 3 local PAWN SHOPS to sell the rings. One told us they’d give us $350. The second one $310, the third one $330.

We wanted a little more than that so we decided to try Cash4Gold. With all their advertisements of “Eliminate the middle man” and the supposed “customer testimonials” we figured we’ll AT LEAST get the $350. We sent the items, waited 2 weeks for our check (Thank God we didn’t take … read more ->


Jason of Levittown, PA February 21, 2009

I sent in 2 10k gold figero chains that i weighed and calculated the market value myself which came between $216.19 and $228.00. i asked for an appraisal for the items when they got there. they never called to give me an appraisal, they just sent me a check for $17.30. the paystub says 1 10k and 1 sterling. that’s probably because white gold looks like silver. shows they didn’t appraise it, bs.

I want my jewelry back or full value!

I have gotten ripped-off for money and jewelry.… read more ->

Cash4Gold Rip-Off

C D Whipple of Newton, MA February 13, 2009
WHAT I GOT: Cash4Gold paid me a TOTAL of $138.74. The silver quarters worth $10 = Cash4Gold paid me ONLY $3.16. I would have gotten more value if I dropped those silver coins in a vending machine to buy junk food. This is an OUTRAGE!

1 0.39 cts marquis-cut diamond ring (my engagement ring)
1 gold wedding band with little diamonds (my husband’s)
1 gold bracelet
7 gold earrings
1 white gold earring with little diamonds
2 gold pendants
1 gold ring
40 silver quarters ($10)

I was fooled by Cash4Gold. Enticed by their tv commercials, unemployed and needed cash to buy gifts for my family for Christmas … read more ->


Diana of Reno, NV February 9, 2009

For years I have seen the Cash4Gold ads on tv and I listened to the testimonials of the customers – I’m not even sure they really ARE customers and not paid actors – so I decided to send for a kit. I received it in the mail in November 2008 and LOADED the envelope with numerous items of jewelry and mailed the envelope as instructed. It is now three months later, February 2009, and I have heard and received NOTHING from these people.

I sent so many items that it would be impossible for me to itemize them (which, in retrospect, I probably should have done). However, I have lost many expensive rings, … read more ->


Sue of Buffalo, NY February 5, 2009

its been almost 2 weeks haven’t got no reply on my jewelry or no check. They say they did not receive my package . I BELIEVE I’ve been ripped off.… read more ->


Doug of Kinnelon, NJ February 3, 2009

Sent in some gold items to receive cash for. I received a check and when I went to cash the check the bank would’t process the check for not having funds to process the check. I called them and of course they told me the check was good and to go to Walmart and cash it. I somehow don’t think Walmart will cash it either this check either. I think I have just been ripped off. I will try to get my stuff back, but I think it will be hopeless, but I will try neverless.

Embarrassment at the bank for not cashing the check. Cash4Gold has ripped me off for sending in … read more ->


Tracy of Lytle, TX January 27, 2009

I sent in my package to cash4gold over 2 weeks ago, i have checked the website with the tracking number and it keeps saying in transit. I have also called and was told the 1st time it takes 7 to 10 business days, I called again after reading all the complaints, which I regret not looking it up first before I sent in all my gold jewelry, and again I was told they have not recieved it, i told the rep that i want all my jewelry back not to even process it, after reading the complaints, he said ok I’ll note your account, and i asked is that all you can do, … read more ->

Cash4Gold Complaints – scammed! Again!

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United States

I just lost me a parcel to Princess Narobi in one of them ghananese check cashing scams and I wanted to try and git my money back so I sent in all them useless gold watches my grandaddy lef me and my gold teeth that done falled out and also my mommas weddin ring and Uncle Arlins rodeo buckle which was cuvured in 10k gold. I sent this here cash4gold the baggie with gold in it and I waited for a rally long time and all I got was 6.32$ in a chek that the bank sayz they cant cash. I been screwed so long I can see backwerds walking forwerds. I think the … read more ->