I don’t know if it has to be Cash4Gold but i have a story regarding a company called GRANTS of CORNWALL, when I went on their web page it says a free quotation of your unwanted gold with a space to put what gold you want to sell then a space for a phone number for them to contact you so i entered all that was needed and waited for phone call which arrived promptly. I was asked if I had weighed my gold I said that i had on my kitchen scales and it weighed in at 2-2.5 ozs she said she would do the conversion to gold weight and the total of cash i would get was … read more ->

Too Good to Be True?

Kathy McGovern of Sugar Grove, Illinois stated, “I sent my jewelry into Cash4Gold including a 14 Karat Gold Ring with a quarter diamond, a 14 Karat Gold Chain and Cross, a 14 Karat Bracelet. I weighed my before I sent it in and it came to 1.8 ozs. I received $98 dollars for them. By the time I received the check t was too late to get my jewelry back. It’s really a shame in these economic times that company would bluntly rip people off.” Her entire testimonial can be read here.

After some more digging I came across someone claiming to be an ex-employee of Cash4Gold that shared how the entire process allegedly works at He states that … read more ->

Beware of Gold Scams

When the U.S. dollar falls in value, the price of gold and silver can usually be expected to rise. And with the dollar in free-fall as it is at the time of this writing, the trend is proceeding true to form, with gold just recently blowing past $800 an ounce. But when the gold and silver markets turn bullish and enthusiasm among investors accordingly rises, watch out! Amid every new “gold rush,” you can also expect a fresh assortment of corresponding scams to appear. The last major bull market for gold and silver, the 1970’s, saw scam artists abound; and this time around – especially with the proliferation of the Internet – will likely be more of the same. And … read more ->

How cash for gold scam works

In the time of crisis a lot of people try to cash their possessions in order to pay their bills. There are companies out there who try to take advantage of the situation and scam people off their money. Cashing your jewelry may lead you to a lot of trouble. This is how it works:

      The company receives your refiner’s pack (jewelry) for appraisal.
      They appraise it by hand (no specialized equipment is used, no experts involved)
      They send you a check with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

The catch is that the check is mailed to you very late and you can get your jewelry back or refund only if you contact the company within 10 days from when your … read more ->

Cash received

I sent my Jewelry into Cash4Gold including a 14 Karat Gold ring with a quarter diamond, a 14 Karat Gold Chain and Cross, a 14 Karat Bracelet. I weighed my jewelry up before I sent it in and it came to 1.8 ozs. I received $98.00 dollars from them. By the time I received the check it was too late to get my jewelry back. It’s really a shame in these economic times that a company would bluntly rip people off. I wish I would have seen the CBS 2 Chicago News special report before I had sent my gold in to these people. How can celebrities promote these people. Please put a stop to them.… read more ->

Ripped off

I sent in multiple pieces of jewelry and received a check (far later than they promised) for $98.34. One bracelet that I sent in was 18 k and they sent on the statement that it was 14 k. I have a receipt from the original purchase of that bracelet for $448.00. These people are con artists and do not have a reliable business. One ring had 12 small diamonds in it, they paid me $2.16 for this item. Save yourself a lot of frustration and just take your unwanted or broken jewelry to your local jewelry store or pawn shop!… read more ->

Cash4Gold Complaints – lost jewelry

Company information:
United States

Sent package full of good jewelry was told a month later it was lost in the mail and to file a complaint which was a joke. Company is a scam and liars. Everyone should read the Better Business Bereau this company gets a D- rating there must be a good reason why. Also a former employee says this company is a scam. Everyone please read all complaints about this company there are alot!!!… read more ->


I want to share a story, I learned the hard way and hope to help others. This is also an update to my guide about scammers and PayPal. After selling a gold coin (180148426395) I learned of this scam/rip-off setup. Here’s how the scam works. This guy stole a credit card account and registered as that person with eBay. He even used the correct address on the account because eBay requires that the registration and credit card billing address match.

When the auction ended I did get this address, but he quickly emailed me to ask me to please send the coin to Latvia. Saying that he was ONLY the financial intermediary and would get his commission if I sent … read more ->

Payment for gold

I saw an ad on TV about Cash 4 Gold buying old gold jewelry. The people in the commercial indicated they got good money for sending in their old gold jewelry. I logged in to the website and sked for a refiners return kit. I got the kit quickly and sent in my old gold jewelry. After a couple of weeks I got a check from them for $37.12, a fraction of the value of what I sent in. I called in and was told my jewelry had not been melted down yet and if I returned the check within 10 days I would get my original jewelry returned. I did return the check, it has been 10 days and … read more ->

False Advertising

Sent in package of Jewelry on 04/06/09 called on 04/16/09 they had not received it yet called again on 04/25/09 and was told it was lost in the mail file a complaint with USPS but package is on guaranteed for 40.00 dollars not the full amount that they state in the commercial or in their pamphlet. This company does nothing but lie!!!… read more ->