Cash For Gold Phenomenon

What to look for:

1- Look for Gold buying prices on their website. Compare these prices with other companies.
2- Look for a company phone number and address on their website. Verify number and address.
3- Make sure the prepaid mailing kit they send to you is insured, preferably for $1,000.
4- Look for established companies. You can search online for the start-up date of any company.
5- Look for 30 day money-back guarantees, not 10 day guarantee.
6- Look for Better Business Bureau Ratings.

What to do:

1- Remove precious gems and diamonds from your gold. Most companies only pay for the gold value.
2- Have your gold checked prior to sending it, for weight and karat value.
3- …

Gold hits 6-week low hit by firm dollar, ETF eases

Gold prices fell to a six-week low on Tuesday, with firmness in the dollar sapping demand as investors awaited the Federal Reserve’s two-day policy meeting starting later in the day and its economic outlook.

The dollar was firmer against the euro and most other major currencies except the yen after a broad sell-off in U.S. stocks on Monday raised doubts about the economic recovery, with gloomy World Bank forecasts adding to weak market sentiment.

Gold has often benefited from a similar sense of investor risk aversion, but traders said the dollar’s strength was instead weighing on bullion at the moment.

A stronger dollar also makes dollar-denominated assets appear more expensive.

“Right now, market players are closely watching the dollar given … read more ->

Gold miners not finding new deposits to meet future needs – study

TORONTO ( – Although the world’s biggest gold producers managed to replace almost twice the reserves they lost due to production between 1999 and 2008, the rate at which the industry as a whole is discovering new deposits will not be sufficient to meet its needs over the long term, Canada’s Metals Economics Group (MEG) said on Tuesday.

The Halifax, Nova Scotia-based research company has published a study titled ‘Strategies for Gold Reserves Replacement’, in which it calculates that the average cost of replacing reserves – for companies that produced 450 000 oz of gold or more in 2008 – was $83/oz during the ten-year period, taking into account both acquisitions and exploration spending.

Simultaneously, this group also increased its …

Gold recovers to $930 but weak stocks limit gains

TOKYO – Gold clawed back above $930 an ounce on Tuesday, after falling by more than $30 from last week’s peak of $965 on a rally in the dollar, which had led to a shift of funds out of commodities.

While light physical buying has stopped gold’s fall at around $925, investors are cautious about buying aggressively given renewed weakness in global stock markets and after the euro hit its lowest level in almost a month against the dollar.

Gold had risen to $932,10 an ounce by 0542 GMT, up 0.5 percent from New York’s notional close of $927,85. It was down 3,4 percent from last week’s peak of $965,25.

Earlier this month, bullion rose towards $1 000 an ounce … read more ->

How to Read the Gold Price Today – A short technical and fundamental analysis

A short technical and fundamental analysis of the Gold Price today…

IT IS ALWAYS too easy to ask “Can I buy at the bottom and sell at the top?” notes Julian Phillips of the Gold Forecaster.

But life doesn’t let too many of us achieve such perfection. Some investors believe that once you have the technical picture giving the top and the bottom that will do the trick, but – alas – many technical analysts will come up with different prices for tops and bottoms in any market.

So how does a professional approach the question? He looks from all sides, but particularly studies the fundamentals, which dominate the future price direction. Then he uses the technical picture to … read more ->

Gold vs. Euros: The Non-Dollar Choice

Gold has now doubled since the Euro first got where it stands against the Dollar today…

SINCE THIS decade’s Dollar Decline first pushed the Euro above $1.35 in late 2004 – a level it reclaimed this week – the price of gold has gone on to double for both US and Eurozone citizens.

American investors and savers would have been much better off Buying Gold instead of Euros, in other words, as would everyone else. And looking ahead, “These days, currency weakness, relative to other currencies, matters less for gold,” reckons Standard Bank’s Walter de Wet.

“All major currencies are being devalued, and as a result – and on a relative basis – currencies are trading in the same ranges … read more ->

Central Banks Boost the Gold Price

The outlook for Gold Prices, buoyed by central-bank monetary policy…

EXPANSIVE MONETARY POLICIES by central banks worldwide have improved the long-term outlook for commodities, says Commodity Online – led by precious metals such as Gold Bullion, as well as soft commodities.

According to a research report by Credit Suisse, the latest rally in commodity prices was driven by central-bank policies, Chinese strategic buying of key resources, and short-covering by speculative traders. Gold Prices rose in the past few months, mainly driven by safe-haven demand amid the global financial and economic crisis. While this demand supported prices, it also generated risks, some of which materialized – with safe-haven investors taking profits, resulting in a price decline.

The softening of prices gave …

Cramer Warns on Gold Scams

With the economy in decline, and the price of gold above $960 per ounce on February 25, demand for gold is on the rise. It’s a big topic these days and one I’m focusing on more and more on Mad Money. So I’m going to spend the next few days here talking about the gold market; how to buy gold, where your best options lie, and how to avoid scams when trading in gold.

Gold has been around for centuries, ever since the first gold coins were made by King Croesus of Lydia around 560 B.C.

I wonder how old King Croesus would have felt about selling his precious currency to an outfit like “”

These guys are priceless and …

Beware of Gold Buying Scams

With unemployment up, the price of gold hitting $1000 an ounce in the last thirty days, and many people outright “spooked” by the economy, you may be thinking it’s a good time to unload some gold jewelry.  Maybe a few rings from your college years?  A necklace from the 1980’s that just isn’t in style anymore?  Or even a family heirloom that you’ve never been fond of.  If that’s what you’re thinking, then there are lots of people ready to talk to you.  Unfortunately, not all of them are scupulous.

Scammers are on the gold-buying circuit, promising everything from “the highest per ounce price being paid” to “overnight cash back.”  ”It’s easy,” they say, to “turn Jewelry into CASH” like … read more ->

Cash4Gold Takes Care Of Unwanted Rival

“Turn your unwanted, broken or mismatched jewelry into cold, hard cash, because if you’re selling, is buying!”

You probably have heard that cheery message blare from your television one late night (see down below). It’s apparently a hot Internet business, and one that is being aggressively guarded by a start-up performing the job.

Green Bullion Financial Services LLC, doing business as Cash4Gold, has sued Money4Gold Holdings Inc., accusing the rival company of copyright infringement and false advertising.

Cash4Gold, launched in 2007, allows people to send in their gold, silver or platinum jewelry and receive money in return. The company is now the largest gold buyer online with over 50,000 transactions per month, the company’s filing stated. Thanks in part … read more ->