Deb of Hopkinton, RI March 16, 2009

I weighed and insured my package before shipping. Items included one 24 kt gold 1 gram ingot (they called it a ‘charm’) as well as several 18 kt pieces and one 21 kt bracelet. Items weighed in at 7.5 oz.

I got a check in the mail 3 weeks later for less than $120. When I phoned to say ‘send my items back; they’re worth more than that to me’, the receptionist asked, how much were you expecting to get? ‘A lot more than that’. She asked me to wait a moment, then came back on the line and told me that she wasn’t surprised I expected more based on the weight of the package. She offered me about $325 for everything. I told her it still wasn’t enough and to return my items.

There really wasn’t any but it took me more than a month after the phone call asking for the return of my items to actually receive them. The promise of prompt cash or prompt return is a crock.

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