Cash4Gold – terrible service

Hello, more than 6 weeks ago I sent away my envelope to They say that your envelope is tracked and secure the entire journey. 3 weeks after submitting my envelope, I still could not track my package, I finally got them to answer an email, and it had been received the week before but no one entered the tracking envelope. I received my check for a diamond ring and solid gold coin, 86 dollars. I of course refused the payment and they said they would follow their standard practice and ship my gold back to me. The following day I was issued a UPS tracking number, but it has never been shipped, just a label prepared by c4g. I have been trying unsuccessfully since to find out where this package is, and keep getting emails saying that a supervisor needs to contact me can I give my phone number, but no one ever calls me. BEWARE

Posted: 2009-03-24

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