Cash4Gold Rip-Off

C D Whipple of Newton, MA February 13, 2009
WHAT I GOT: Cash4Gold paid me a TOTAL of $138.74. The silver quarters worth $10 = Cash4Gold paid me ONLY $3.16. I would have gotten more value if I dropped those silver coins in a vending machine to buy junk food. This is an OUTRAGE!

1 0.39 cts marquis-cut diamond ring (my engagement ring)
1 gold wedding band with little diamonds (my husband’s)
1 gold bracelet
7 gold earrings
1 white gold earring with little diamonds
2 gold pendants
1 gold ring
40 silver quarters ($10)

I was fooled by Cash4Gold. Enticed by their tv commercials, unemployed and needed cash to buy gifts for my family for Christmas ’08, I shipped my gold jewelry and silver quarters to Cash4Gold. Lured with FAST CASH option ($4.99 fee) where $ would be wire transferred to my checking account, I signed the fast cash form. There was a CATCH: choosing FAST CASH voided the 10 day return policy meaning I would get stuck to whatever amount they would give me. HUGE MISTAKE!!!

The sad thing is I trusted them to be fair in appraising and paying me a fair price. Of course, I did not expect to get near the amount I paid for those jewelry, which is $1,000+, but I expected MORE THAN $138.74. Since I waived the 10-day return policy in favor of fast cash, I’VE BEEN HAD. Basically, Cash4Gold gave me 1/10th of the money I paid for those jewelry. TOTAL RIP OFF! Cash4Gold had a Super Bowl commercial…WOW! Do you know how Cash4Gold could afford the Super Bowl commercial??? Because of FOOLS like me! BEWARE!!! I am angry. I am humiliated. Please learn from my mistakes. See photos of Cash4Gold purchase invoice and jewelry on my blog:

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