Cash4Gold Guaranteed return of gold if I wasn’t satisfied and returned check within 10 days, then said I didn’t return it in time.

Rip-off Report Investigation:

Editor’s UPDATE: Positive Rating and Recognition has been given to Cash4Gold and Albar Precious Metal Refining for its Commitment to Excellence in customer service.

Our findings were that normally complaints were due to the perceived value of the jewelry rather than the actual value according to the market at the time. The complaints that have been filed are not removable due to Rip-off Report policy. Rip-off Report was able to determine that Cash4Gold has made concentrated efforts in order to communicate clearly with its customers as well as resolving any customer satisfaction issues promptly. Selling gold online is a convenience that includes risk. The Rip-off report is confident with Cash4Gold’s guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the offer for your gold within 10 days, the will send back your jewelry. This is a very high standard for the industry.

Cash4Gold the world’s largest online buyer and refiner of precious metal puts into action a new tracking and Inventory control software to help minimize mistakes and increase control over their customers merchandise.

Cash4Gold executives recognizes that legitimate complaints posted on Rip-off Report are issues that need to be addressed and if handled correctly can be valuable learning opportunities. With the feedback generated by Rip-off Report’s Investigation. Jeff Aronson CEO of cash4Gold said ‘We are only as strong as our weakest link running a company of this size and volume you must adapt to your customers needs’ Well cash4Gold has they have spent an estimated $350,000 on new state of the art computer tracking systems that now track our packages from all over the country. Executives say packages can now be pulled up at a touch of a finger, we had to one employee said it would take all day to find a customer’s merchandise and mistakes could happen, now with a touch of a button we can tell you where the material is in the process system in a matter of seconds. ‘No one else in this industry has these types of security controls to ensure proper material handling’ said Howard Mofshin President of Cash4Gold.

Because of our investigation and the sincere efforts put forth by Cash4gold, Rip-off Report is proud to give Cash4Gold a positive rating. All in all, the company implemented strategic changes to its Tracking systems, enlarged there customer service group and has a precious metal refinery 2nd to none, the only in their field. I repeat, they actually refine and assay their own material we checked and have no choice but to recommend Cash4Gold as the ‘leaders in their field’ They are not a Rip-off!

Cash 4 Gold has been the recipient of a few complaints over the last year. Working with the Rip-off Report Investigation, they researched each claim and are working through the resolution process. Executives at cash4Gold proved to Rip-off Report that they are processing over 30,000 thousand packs of gold per month. When dealing with that kind of volume mistakes will happen but Cash4Gold is truly doing their best to correct as many of those as they can implementing new procedures daily. They truly have separated themselves from the rest of the industry.

Cash4Gold is part of Albar Precious Metal Refining, Inc. one of the industry’s most respected refiners and has consistently received an A Rating from the Better Business Bureau for seven straight years. Opened in 2001 and managed by a team of professionals with over 60 years in the industry, Cash4Gold/Albar has achieved a national reputation for growth by making Entrepreneur Magazine’s “Hot 500″ list for 2007 of fastest growing companies and is the only refinery ever to be listed in the prestigious Inc. Magazine
list of the Fastest Growing Companies in America, having achieved a ranking of #129 in 2006. Thousands of customers have been paid millions of dollars by Cash4Gold and the company’s services can be seen on national television spots and heard on The Howard Stern Radio Program.

Read more about Cash4Gold’s Commitment to Excellence and Total Consumer Satisfaction and why consumers looking to get cash for gold should feel safe, confident and secure when doing business with any member of Rip-off Report’s Corporate Advocacy Business Remediation & Customer Satisfaction Program. ..yes, a long name for a program that does a lot for both consumers and businesses alike.

Read about Rip-off Report Corporate Advocacy Business Remediation & Customer Satisfaction Program,..A program that benefits the consumer, assures them of complete satisfaction and confidence when doing business with a member business. The Corporate Advocacy Program works for consumers like no other.



The ads promised immediate return of my gold jewelry if I wasn’t satisfied with the amount of the check. I sent 4 gold rings, three with diamonds, one with an amethyst. I was sent a check for $36.24. I immediately put the check back in the mail with a note that I was not happy with such a ridiculously small amount and wanted my rings back. I received the same check back with a letter stating that they received it 11 days after they mailed their check and my gold had already been processed. It was not clear in their advertising that the 10 days started when they mailed the check and not when I got it! Even so, I doubt that it took that check 5 days to get to Pennsylvania from Florida and six days to get back!

The letter was obviously a form letter, since it had my name and address at the top but was addressed to someone named Charissa – not my name! So obviously I am not the only person to whom this is being done. Also obviously they melt jewelry down the minute they receive it.

I called to complain and was immediately offered $108 if it would make me happier. I said I really just wanted my rings back but was told that was not possible. I ended up accepting the $108 since it was better than $36, but it was fairly obvious that they have a major scam going. How many people just accept their ridiculously small checks and chalk it up to a bad experience? I’m sure the gold in those rings was worth significantly more than I ended up getting for it. The original cost of the rings totaled over $1,200.

I’m chalking this one up to my own stupidity in not checking out this and similar sites before sending anything there, but I’d like to help others avoid my mistake.

Ticked Off
B Town, Pennsylvania

Cash4Gold Phone:  800-970-3222
Fax:  954-935-0801 1701
Blount Road
Pompano Beach, Florida, 33069

•    Report: #328120

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