Tracy of Lytle, TX January 27, 2009

I sent in my package to cash4gold over 2 weeks ago, i have checked the website with the tracking number and it keeps saying in transit. I have also called and was told the 1st time it takes 7 to 10 business days, I called again after reading all the complaints, which I regret not looking it up first before I sent in all my gold jewelry, and again I was told they have not recieved it, i told the rep that i want all my jewelry back not to even process it, after reading the complaints, he said ok I’ll note your account, and i asked is that all you can do, and he said yes, i asked him if they were gonna charge the 15.00 fee as for what i read on the scam reports and he said yes probably, but he acted like he didn’t care.

He did push the mute button a few times, and i told him to take me off mute. and he hung up on me.. i am so scarred i want my stuff back.. next time i will read all the scam reports before doing business over the internet…

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