Diana of Reno, NV February 9, 2009

For years I have seen the Cash4Gold ads on tv and I listened to the testimonials of the customers – I’m not even sure they really ARE customers and not paid actors – so I decided to send for a kit. I received it in the mail in November 2008 and LOADED the envelope with numerous items of jewelry and mailed the envelope as instructed. It is now three months later, February 2009, and I have heard and received NOTHING from these people.

I sent so many items that it would be impossible for me to itemize them (which, in retrospect, I probably should have done). However, I have lost many expensive rings, bracelets, necklaces and pendants, plus several pairs of my husband’s cuff links, and I have not been compensated. Whenever I go online to the Cash4Gold website, it says my package is still in transit. I have been ripped off and I am not happy about it!

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