Cash for Gold Scam – The Best Way to Avoid the Cash for Gold Scam

Some businesses that buy gold online will claim that they never received the gold that you sent to them. Gold buyers that receive large amounts of complaints about this are just a cash for gold scam.

Be careful of companies that do not have a physical address. A cash for gold scam can be one that is handled online without any physical addresses for the business that is handling it. In many cases a phone number may not even be available. You should go with your gut instinct, if the company seems shady it probably is. There are plenty of reputable groups that pay good rates for you gold.

The Best Place To Sell Gold?

Another sign that a gold buying company may be a scam is when it takes over a week for them to make you an offer. This is generally done by scams as a means of helping to reduce the amount of time you would have to file a complaint.

They will actually delay mailing out your check by saying that they did not receive your gold yet. The satisfaction guarantee will usually be written in a way that says you have a certain period of time after the date on the check to ask for a refund.

Most of the established reputable companies have their own refinery for melting down your gold. You don’t have to worry about a third party being accountable when handling your gold. You deal direct which is always the best way to do business.

Not all groups that will buy your cash will give you the money you deserve for what you have. Be sure to watch for the many signs of a cash for gold scam before sending your gold into any of these groups.

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