Cash for Gold Scam – Are Gold Parties Really Just a Cash for Gold Scam?

By Frank K.

Cash for Gold Scam – Are Gold Parties Really Just a Cash for Gold Scam?

Gold selling parties are getting more popular every day. Are these parties really a good place to sell your gold or are they cash for gold scams that you should definitely avoid?
 A cash for gold scam happens when a consumer is taken for a ride by a non-legitimate or fraudulent gold buying business. Even though the majority of businesses are reputable, there are those that can be the source of a cash for gold scam.

Cash For Gold Scam

A scam can come in many different forms. The most obvious would be from an overnight business that has set up shop in a neighborhood. They frequently like to open up a business that is near a poor neighborhood, as scam artists find their best prey there. Many people are desperate for money, and these scammers will convince a gold seller that no place is going to offer them more than what they are offering.

Gold Selling Parties

Another scam comes in the form of a gold party. There are individuals out there who will have gold buying parties where they offer lower than average prices for people’s gold. They too will convince a seller that they can’t get a better deal anywhere else. The on-the-spot pressure skills that these scammers possess, can make even the best people second guess themselves.

It’s easy to avoid a cash for gold scam. You should look into the business history of gold buyers before you visit them. Your best source of information is by word of mouth, as they are real life experiences. Consult with your family and friends about any problems they may have had. Then go to the Better Business Bureau website to investigate further.

Be Prepared

If you go to a gold party, then make sure you have researched what the going rates are for each karat of gold. That way you will know if the gold buyer is giving you an appropriate quote. Selling your gold for extra cash is a great way to make better use of unwanted and unused gold. You can avoid a cash for gold scam by doing the necessary research beforehand.

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