Cash For Gold Phenomenon

What to look for:

1- Look for Gold buying prices on their website. Compare these prices with other companies.
2- Look for a company phone number and address on their website. Verify number and address.
3- Make sure the prepaid mailing kit they send to you is insured, preferably for $1,000.
4- Look for established companies. You can search online for the start-up date of any company.
5- Look for 30 day money-back guarantees, not 10 day guarantee.
6- Look for Better Business Bureau Ratings.

What to do:

1- Remove precious gems and diamonds from your gold. Most companies only pay for the gold value.
2- Have your gold checked prior to sending it, for weight and karat value.
3- Read company reviews.

What not to look for: 

1- If they don’t have buying prices listed, move on to other companies.
2- If prices look to good to be true, they probably are.
3- If a company number and address isn’t listed on their website, you will not have a way to contact them, once you have sent your gold to them. Move on to other companies.
4- Prepaid mailing kits that have low insurance is risky, at times, companies will rather claim your items as lost, keep your gold, and you claim the low insurance, less than the value of your gold.

What not to do:

1- Do not accept fast pay options. Accepting these options will void the money-back guarantees.
2- Don’t accept low offers, you can counter-offer and get more.

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