I don’t know if it has to be Cash4Gold but i have a story regarding a company called GRANTS of CORNWALL, when I went on their web page it says a free quotation of your unwanted gold with a space to put what gold you want to sell then a space for a phone number for them to contact you so i entered all that was needed and waited for phone call which arrived promptly. I was asked if I had weighed my gold I said that i had on my kitchen scales and it weighed in at 2-2.5 ozs she said she would do the conversion to gold weight and the total of cash i would get was £450- £500 so I asked for an envelop to send my gold.   then I had a phone call from GRANTS to say they were offering me £144 for my gold I said no way I was quoted 450 500 and the response was well I don’t know who told youy that but it was wrong.   I was livid so asked for my gold to be returned she said I’d have to send £6.00 before they would return it to me.  I HAVE MY GOLD BACK  and am a lot wiser now.
just BEWARE of theses scams

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