Maybe you saw the Cash 4 Gold Super Bowl commercial, the one with MC Hammer and Ed McMahon.  Maybe it occurred to you that there has to be a catch.  Would someone who receives your gold in the mail actually give you a decent price?  Of course not.  With Cash 4 Gold you’ll be lucky to get a third the price you’d receive at a pawn shop.

As a former Cash 4 Gold employee suggests, the whole operation is a scam.

[Update: I got an e-mail from a Cash 4 Gold PR hound criticizing me for having “false and defamatory information” on my blog because I posted the former employees commentary in full.  You know you’ve got rip-off artists on the run when they hire PR firms to go after bloggers.  The PR firm’s goal is to clean up Google’s search results for their client.  They’d rather folks just call the 800-number than do any internet due diligence.  For those who do, Cash 4 Gold wants the truth to be hidden.   Anyway, I have removed the offending comments, but am totally happy to link to them.]

– Former employee details the “rip-off” here.
– takes ‘em for a test run and details how they got ripped off.
– Here’s an unhappy customer that accuses them of “mail fraud“
– A Syracuse TV station did an investigative report and got taken for a ride.  They sent in $700 worth of gold and got a check for $100.

If you sell your gold to these guys, be prepared to get a fraction of its value.  But you don’t have to take my word for it.  I encourage all to do a Google search for “Cash 4 gold scam,” “Cash 4 Gold rip-off,” “Cash 4 Gold complaints.”  A simple search for “Cash 4 Gold” also turns up the dirt.  The top search result isn’t even the company’s website.  It’s a rip-off warning.  Thank you Google!

If you have your own complaints, here’s the address for Cash 4 Gold’s PR firm:
Saylor Company
202 S Lake Ave., Suite 300
Pasadena, CA 91101

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