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Cash For Gold Phenomenon

What to look for:

1- Look for Gold buying prices on their website. Compare these prices with other companies.
2- Look for a company phone number and address on their website. Verify number and address.
3- Make sure the prepaid mailing kit they send to you is insured, preferably for $1,000.
4- Look for established companies. You can search online for the start-up date of any company.
5- Look for 30 day money-back guarantees, not 10 day guarantee.
6- Look for Better Business Bureau Ratings.

What to do:

1- Remove precious gems and diamonds from your gold. Most companies only pay for the gold value.
2- Have your gold checked prior to sending it, for weight and karat value.
3- …


Maybe you saw the Cash 4 Gold Super Bowl commercial, the one with MC Hammer and Ed McMahon.  Maybe it occurred to you that there has to be a catch.  Would someone who receives your gold in the mail actually give you a decent price?  Of course not.  With Cash 4 Gold you’ll be lucky to get a third the price you’d receive at a pawn shop.

As a former Cash 4 Gold employee suggests, the whole operation is a scam.

[Update: I got an e-mail from a Cash 4 Gold PR hound criticizing me for having “false and defamatory information” on my blog because I posted the former employees commentary in full.  You know you’ve got rip-off artists on … read more ->


I sent a package of gold to SGUK or scrap gold uk on 9th October 2009. They made me pay £4.95 to post it special delivery and unlike most never sent me an envelope pre-paid.

The royal mail track and trace website showed my package as signed for on 9th October. No cheque arrived so I rang them. They said that they never received my package.

One of three things has happened:
1. they signed for the packet and then stole my gold without paying me.
2. the postman stole it.
3. the postman delivered it to the wrong building and someone else stole it.

So, either sguk are a dodgy company or the post service cannot be relied upon … read more ->

Please Be Warned – CashYourGoldNow

I sent 73.5 grams to sell your gold now they offered me £129.00 but scrap it was worth £628.39
The firm was CASH YOUR GOLD NOW advertized on T V and SUN and Star News papers their address is C Y G N R G 453 Newbury Berks RG14 9GZ

please be warned

“Bernie”…


I have a friend that saw an ad on tv for cash for gold she contacted them and they send her an envelope with in 2 days. She send it back the next day with $300.00 worth of gold. It has now been 2 months they say that they have not yet recieved it and that she should just keep calling back. she is now terrified that she will be out her jewerly, and the money she desperatley needed to feed her kids. If anyone is thinking about using these scams please don’t. p.s. dateline should do a show on it unless they already have and i and her missed it.… read more ->

Complaint – Cashforyourgold.co.uk

I am a small trader, on 15/09/09 the gold I had, using the value quoted on cashforyo0urgold’s website I was looking to receive £5106. I took it to their office, I was greeted by a friendly chap, they try to act like your best friend, offering cigarettes etc while I was waiting… After a short while, the gold had been evaluated, and I was quoted £4630… I was shocked and asked for my gold back, the chap says he will speak to his boss and see if they can do anything… he came back some 10 minutes later and increased the valuation to £4800, I was still out of pocket and demanded my money back… the chap said no worries, … read more ->

Cash for Gold Scam – Are Gold Parties Really Just a Cash for Gold Scam?

By Frank K.

Cash for Gold Scam – Are Gold Parties Really Just a Cash for Gold Scam?

Gold selling parties are getting more popular every day. Are these parties really a good place to sell your gold or are they cash for gold scams that you should definitely avoid?
 A cash for gold scam happens when a consumer is taken for a ride by a non-legitimate or fraudulent gold buying business. Even though the majority of businesses are reputable, there are those that can be the source of a cash for gold scam.

Cash For Gold Scam

A scam can come in many different forms. The most obvious would be from an overnight business that has set up shop … read more ->

Cash for Gold Scam – The Best Way to Avoid the Cash for Gold Scam

Some businesses that buy gold online will claim that they never received the gold that you sent to them. Gold buyers that receive large amounts of complaints about this are just a cash for gold scam.

Be careful of companies that do not have a physical address. A cash for gold scam can be one that is handled online without any physical addresses for the business that is handling it. In many cases a phone number may not even be available. You should go with your gut instinct, if the company seems shady it probably is. There are plenty of reputable groups that pay good rates for you gold.

The Best Place To Sell Gold?

Another sign that a gold …


I don’t know if it has to be Cash4Gold but i have a story regarding a company called GRANTS of CORNWALL, when I went on their web page it says a free quotation of your unwanted gold with a space to put what gold you want to sell then a space for a phone number for them to contact you so i entered all that was needed and waited for phone call which arrived promptly. I was asked if I had weighed my gold I said that i had on my kitchen scales and it weighed in at 2-2.5 ozs she said she would do the conversion to gold weight and the total of cash i would get was … read more ->