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Sellyourgold is a scam

I sent my jewelry and gemstones to sellyourgold. This included 5 14k gold rings, and 5 loose diamonds. 2 of the rings also had diamonds. I got an offer for 217.00, I told them no deal. So they came with another bid for 417.00, I still refused, then I was offered 617.00. I told them just to send my jewelry back. When I received my package back, one ring that was very old and rare, had the 14k scratched out, and they took the diamond. This was a 14k white gold. I took the ring to 2 different jewelers, and the both confirmed that the 14k had been scratched out, because you could still see the k as in 14k. … read more ->

SellYourGold does not pay what they say they do. And they try not to send items back

I tried to sell my gold to SellYourGold.com, and after weeks of back and forth I finally have my items back but I am furious. Dealing with this company is a nightmare, and everyone should know not to deal with them.

I decided to sell old pieces of gold I didn’t want anymore because gold prices are high and they had a video from the Today Show showing that they were paying 90% for gold. I don’t know if they were working together or what, but I can tell you they don’t even pay close to 90%. It was more like 20%. So the “consumer reports” segment from the TV show is being used to actually scam people into sending … read more ->


I sent two 10K diamond rings and one 14K diamond/tourmaline ring and was offered $57. When I called to decline the offer and ask that my items be returned the agent put me on hold to speak with an appraiser that conveniently happened to be walking by at the time I called. When the agent returned he offered to increase the offer to $148. I requested my items be returned immediately. I paid over $1,000 for these three items and I would rather have them sit in my jewelry box before giving them away to these people! The only positive comment I have is that my items were promptly returned.… read more ->

Sellyourgold.com swapped out my diamond for a smaller one”

I had 2 jewelers price my diamond at around 1,000 dollars. I had it on a white gold ring. My diamond had its own certificate with all the specs, which I also sent with the ring. I spoke to a guy named ‘Ryan’ over the phone and he offered only 30 dollars for my ring, diamond included. He said the diamond was a lot smaller than my certificate said it was. In fact he said he didn’t know anything about a certificate. Of course I said ‘no thankyou’ and ‘send it back please.’ When they sent it back, the diamond looked smaller and is crooked in the ring like it doesn’t fit right in it anymore. There are also dents read more ->

How to Invest in Gold Using Stocks and ETFs

In a recent article, I said that you shouldn’t invest in gold ETFs but bullion instead. Here I’d like to qualify that statement. Gold stocks and ETFs aren’t always a bad idea. They can be a great investment, but only if you’re planning to hold them in the short term.

Gold ETFs are usually a bet against the market or – more specifically – the dollar. Of course, this is true of gold in general. If the dollar goes down then gold (usually) goes up and vice versa. ETFs are sometimes better than gold, though, because they’re easier to buy and sell.

This is because:
* High liquidity: Nowadays you can trade ETFs with a few clicks. That means … read more ->

Advantages to Buying Physical Gold Instead of ETFs

There is a lot of uncertainty in the world right now. The US has a new president that nobody can predict. Britain is leaving Europe. Le Pen, who has vowed to do the same with France, looks almost certain to make it to the presidential run-offs. And North Korea – called by Trump the US’s greatest foreign threat – is testing missiles and murdering family of Kim Jung-un on foreign soil.

With this much insecurity about it is only natural to want some kind of financial safety. Gold has long been that safe haven. Even better, when the world is less secure, the price of gold often rises. That’s exactly what’s been happening. From the New Year till the end … read more ->

Submit a Scam

Have you had a bad experience with a cash for gold company, pawn shop, or gold buyer? Tell us about it! We’ll post it to the scams section of our website to help other people avoid bad gold buying businesses.

Submit a Scam

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Buy Gold

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The Dow vs. Gold – A technical reading of the Dow Jones vs. Gold Prices as “Sell in May”

A technical reading of the Dow Jones vs. Gold Prices as “Sell in May” applies again…

USING THE nom de plume “Traderrog”, Roger Wiegand writes the popular Trader Tracks newsletter, giving investors short-term buy-and-sell recommendations and insights into the political and economic factors that drive major markets.

For more than 17 years, Roger has devoted intensive research time to the precious metals, currency, energy and financial markets. Now the ‘Sell in May’ situation could arrive right on time this year, Roger Wiegand tells the Gold Report in this interview, anticipating the next larger, extended rally in gold this fall.

The Gold Report: Roger, last week in your newsletter you talked about seeing two “flying wedges” in the Dow in … read more ->